Manufacturing is the last and major step in the sparkling of the beautiful jewelry. Once we have completed our three major steps, this step in takes a lot of concentration and carefulness in order to make the jewelry a remarkable model! Here at CAD CAM PROFESSIONALS we majorly concentrate on building a healthy relation with our clients and providing them with the utmost finished jewelry ever. The process involved in the manufacturing services is:

image1 The filing, this comes as a first step under manufacturing. After casting the models, they are now de-burred with finishing tools driven by hand-held flexible shafts and upright polishing machines. Which comes in as the second step under the same category, manufacturing. After the preparation is complete, jewelers fabricate or assemble any additional settings, parts or pieces needed. Craftsmen then uses lasers, our jewelers can do precision welding on areas of jewelry where heat needs to be controlled.

The concentrated focus of lasers enables our craftsmen to weld precious metal in close proximity to sensitive, valuable stones, without destroying or melting the surrounding work. When all metal work is complete, the precious stones to be highlighted which comes as the third step names as stones setting, a step which requires a lot of concentration. Our specialized craftsman skilled at the art of stone settings use precision, hand-held tool to secure gemstones and diamonds in gold or platinum or any other metal.They then cut slots into precious metal, allowing them to sit level before they are tightened. There skilled hands apply just the right amount of pressure to finesse prongs, beads, or walls over delicate stones to ensure that they remain snug in the settings. Once the metal work is completed, the last step in jewelry making is again polishing and finishing. Jewelry polishing is like a multistage process whereby metal is buffed with soft rotary tools made from bristles, felt, or muslin. In case you are in confusion about the process or want to understand how we will be creating your beautiful jewelry, then you can always get in touch with us for better understanding.

image4 The master craftsmen in our team have combined jewelry making experience. We have jewelry designers who have immense knowledge in the making and have been designing and making the jewelries since years. Once they are completed with these steps they get it checked by the quality team twice to get an assurance of the best and utmost quality product. More importantly, we have made jewelry for thousands of satisfied and happy customers! Also being a client oriented organization we always consider suggestions and changes which are made by our clients. Most importantly we offer you to choose till what step or service you want us to work on you jewelry and we would assure you in providing the utmost quality product till the step you want. We undertake the customization as well. Now it is easy for you to attain your goals and dreams instantly by these simple steps mentioned. Also now you can have a monopoly of your own jewelry and be the designer of your own jewelry at reasonable prices.